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This portal is apart of the Lume Web Project, who's mission is to enable web3 accessibility to normal users.

Lume Web is looking for the community to support its mission so that it can continue building. You can donate directly at

You can also donate to the below addresses which are for this service. While this portal operates for both the community and offers premium service options, donations do help us:

  • BTC: bc1qwjgm8kj053ue0n3fy0dkclauc7z54zfa5vtpuj
  • ETH/MATIC: 0x3e01049f5836aC0F92cc20cEF3bD122ac23EB24F
  • SC: cef82e7b8ffe00b233347f4c0506aa0216b54579aa3efe32d56cff440bd8ba5f561bc553e153


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